Faction: Solonavi
Leader: Unknown
Racial Composition: Unknown
Origin of Faction: Unknown
Age of Faction: Unknown
Geographic Control: Unknown
Religion: Unknown
Magical Affinity: Unknown
Political Loyalty: Unknown

Beings of ancient power and mysterious origins, the Solonavi offer their superb military capabilities to anyone who is willing to meet their price. Payment for battlefield labors is not in gold or riches, but in fealty, favors and promises.

Little is known about these enigmatic beings. Whether they are part angel, part demon, or part djinn is as much a mystery as their origins. Their desire to manipulate the leaders, mages and Warlords of the Land is without question. When a deal is made with these beings, the mortal ends up feeling a cold chill within their hearts when they seal the agreement—a cold chill that reminds them for the rest of their lives that they owe the Solonavi a debt that will one day need be paid in full. More than once ghostly spirits have been seen accompanying the Solonavi into battle – and mages and scholars alike believe that they were warriors sworn to the Solonavi that didn’t have the chance to pay off their terrible debt before they died.

The Revealment of the Solonavi: The Solonavi have seemingly tipped their hand with recent actions in the Land. Having spent not just years, but seemingly centuries gathering a sizable host of agents, mages and warriors called Seekers, and now arming them with powerful (and recently reactivated ) relics gathered within the Black Tower of Rokos, the Solonavi are finally revealing their strength – but not yet their true purpose.

A few of the Key Transition Events:

The Claiming of Rokos: Faced by destruction by a sizable Orc army, the Solonavi revealed their secret alliance with the Oracles of Rokos and manned the walls beside their Atlantean comrades. When the Orc leader was slaughtered by one of the Solonavi's number, and the Orc armies scattered to the four winds, many Atlantean citizens hailed the Solonavi as saviors and potential allies.

The Secret of the Oracles: While the Solonavi's arrival in recent years was prophecized by the Oracles of Rokos (an order of mages that specialize in prophecy and select forms of Elemental and Technomantic magics), the revealment that the Oracles had been long-standing allies of the secretive Solonavi came as a great shock to Atlanteans. For all of the history of the Empire, and even the Kosian civilization that pre-dated Tezla's birth, the Oracles had been believed to be neutral prophets and judges guiding humanity through its most difficult hours. Now, with the Oracles seeming to be nothing more than Solonavi pawns, a great cry went through the Empire of suspicion and betrayal.

The Solonavi's Wrath: Even after offering Emperor Nujarek the chance to conquer the Land – with their aid – the refusal by the weak-minded human surprised them greatly. In wrath, the Solonavi cast the great spell that enhanced the magic across the Land, with the tower at Rokos as the focus for the powerful enchantment. Shortly afterwards, the Solonavi also attacked the Citadel of Luxor and destroyed every last one of the defenders, taking the undefeatable citadel for their own purposes.

Subfaction: Oracles of Rokos
Leader: Oracle Daheia

The Oracles of Rokos were well-established in their blackstone tower even when they predicted the birth of Tezla more than six centuries ago. Trusted across the Land as witnesses to the past, judges of the present, and seers of the days to come, it came as a shock to many when it was revealed that the ranks of the Oracles had become riddled by Oathsworn pledging loyalty to the Solonavi cause. Though it is widely feared that there might be some deeper reason for compromising their long-guarded neutrality, it is generally accepted that the Oracles embraced the Solonavi to learn ancient magics that would allow the Oracles to open their minds and reach into those of others. However, as Solonavi have been seen in recent months emerging from some of the mortal mages like spirits leaving their mortal shells, it is whispered that the bond between the highest ranks of the Oracles and their enigmatic masters now goes far beyond mere vows.

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