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Mage Knight is a miniature war game using collectible figures, created by WizKids, Inc., and is the earliest example of what is now known as a Collectible Miniatures Game. Mage Knight was designed by founder Jordan Weisman along with Kevin Barrett, and is the first to use WizKids’ Clix system, combining role playing and war gaming elements with aspects of collectible card games. Mage Knight achieved success after it was introduced in 2000. WizKids announced in October 2010 that Mage Knight was being relaunched with a board game, card game, and role-playing game. In February 2013, WizKids announced that it would release Mage Knight: Resurrection, which utilizes its SwitchClix bases to be compatible with both Mage Knight 2.0 and HeroClix rules. The release date was Fall 2013.

Based in the fantasy realm called The Land, Mage Knight takes place 154 years after the death of Grand-Magus Tezla, Emperor of Atlantis and the first mage to master both known forms of magic: Elemental (the magic of living essence) and Necromantic (the magic of dead spirits). During his lifetime, Tezla created a third type of magic, Technomancy, by harnessing the magic energy within an ore called Magestone. By unifying practitioners of each of the three forms of magic, the Atlantis Empire held dominion over The Land. In the years after Tezla’s death, the three groups splintered apart, each following a different Avatar of Tezla which they believe to be the true Avatar. After a series of wars, an uneasy peace settled across The Land. This peace was shattered by the rebellion of the Black Powder Rebels. It is at this point when Mage Knight begins.

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