Faction: Heroes
Leader: Unknown
Racial Composition: Unknown
Origin of Faction: Unknown
Age of Faction: Unknown
Geographic Control: Unknown
Religion: Unknown
Magical Affinity: Unknown
Political Loyalty: Unknown

Introduced primarily for Dungeons-style games, this faction represents individuals who seek glory in the Land. Many of the Hero faction are dual-aligned with another faction, though some are not. They are not in any 2.0 sets and have no Subfactions.

With the casting of the Solonavi's great spell, many of the ancient weapons and texts that were previously unusable now shine with power and possibility. While the Heroes were already driven to find treasure and fame within the Dungeons of the Land, now with so much more power and reward available for their struggles, these hearty adventurers can now earn ten times reward – but only for facing ten times the danger!

A few of the Key Transition Events:

Black Pyramid: While the Elementals were able to hold a solid cordon around the Black Pyramid in the Blasted Lands, there were a few bands of Heroes who managed to breach the Elemental lines and take some of the ancient treasures contained in the ancient temple.

Dragon's Gate: The inquisitive Heroes that found their way into the ancient city of Dragon's Gate and awoke the slumbering Drakona within have likely shaped the Land in ways that even the Oracles of Rokos couldn't imagine.

Scythrian Holts: With the Atlanteans focusing their attentions to the Orc and Revolutionary fronts, many Heroes have taken up the cause of exploring the Scythrian mountains for signs of the long-forgotten Dwarven holt cities. Within the cities, hordes of Shyft and Mage Spawn abound, providing opportunity for battle-slaughter and liberation of weapons forged by the fabled Dwarven Artificiers.

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