Faction: Apocalypse
Leader: Unknown
Racial Composition: Unknown
Origin of Faction: Unknown
Age of Faction: Unknown
Geographic Control: Unknown
Religion: Unknown
Magical Affinity: Unknown
Political Loyalty: Unknown

The shadowy forces of the Apocalypse are spreading across the Land, spreading their corruption and destruction wherever they go. To cleanse the Land of the unworthy seems to be their goal, and using devastating spells and relics to achieve their objectives – even if hundreds of innocents are slaughtered in the process – is an accepted norm.

A few of the Key Transition Events:

Black Pyramid: The rise of the Black Pyramid stands as one of the key events in the rise of Apocalypse warriors. Only the diligence of the Elemental forces guarding the pyramid has prevent a sizable number of "cursed" artifacts and relics from being spread throughout the Land.

The Amulet: Human warriors devoted to recovering the shattered shards of the Amulet failed to gather them in time. As result, the warriors of the Apocalypse continue to ride through the Land unopposed.

Subfaction: Minions of Apocalypse
Leader: Unknown

For generations the Tur’aj cult has been only whispers in the wind, dark tales of zealous believers sustaining an ancient evil by sacrificing the living. But now the Dark Riders ride the land, and the Minions of Apocalypse have stepped out of the shadows at last. Its members have cast aside their loyalties to other factions like unneeded cloaks and now worship only death and destruction. Though they have yet to build an army of their own, occasional raids by Apocalypse cabals to kidnap innocents have been enough to strike fear into the hearts of common folk– especially as rumors say that those kidnapped are being sacrificed by the Minions to power dark magic that might divide and destroy the Land once and for all…

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